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Unique Perception Capacity.

When your time and resources are under pressure, you need a tested leader with a sense of business realities, who can act immediately: one who can see things that others cannot; one who has a broad view of all aspects of your business; one who has worked at street level and possesses hands-on operational know-how; one who can execute across all functional areas; and one who stands on a rock-solid financial foundation. Bill Nebes is that leader.

He also have an eye for possibilities. From his experiences he has been able to synthesize a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills in business. It gives him perspective: he can see, adjust, execute, and lead a business to achieve its goals. He can make the most of scarce resources and give your team the focus they need to create continuity and cohesiveness. And he knows how to guide a business in both good economic times and bad; both foreign and domestic.

Data Driven Results.

Good decisions and great leadership depend on knowing what goes on in your field of battle. Like any general leading their troops, you need the right intelligence, data, tracking and reporting and to attain success you need to make sense out of the findings.

Bill Nebes knows how to translate information into strategy and he does something many executives will not do: he goes out and looks. He goes where the action is: on the front-lines of the battlefield. He’s as comfortable with with the person in the warehouse who drives the forklift as he is with the Chairman of the Board; he’s as much at home in the store showroom as he is in the bank conference room. In this way he can really discover what’s going on and can adjust, support and improve the business. Because he knows that in the end, you cannot manage numbers. You can only manage activities that produce the data driven results.

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